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How to Modify the Drying Equipment?

Date: 9/1/2016

In this year, the economy glides down all the way. In order to have a faster production, dryer users will be bound to buy such dryers with higher output. Many users only want to modify their existing drying machines through technical renovation instead of buying new drying equipment. It is feasible. In the process of modification, because of no relevant professional skills, it is difficult for customers to carry out a radical innovation to their dryer equipment. Even worse, because of users' improper operation, the dryer machine not only can not increase its output, but also couldn't work normally in the end. Today, Fote Machinery would like to explain the procedures to modify the drying equipment for our customers.

Drying Equipment

Firstly, it is the spare parts of the dryer. Because of a long time of use, the spare parts are liable to wear and tear, customers can buy spare parts and replace by themselves. In view of the drying characteristics of the industrial coal, and by using big air volume at low temperature and the theory of gravity, the technical staff of Fote Machinery has spent several years and successfully achieved the outstanding drying equipment through the research and development, industrialized tests, product updating and upgrading and putting into large-scaled production. Our dryer machines are of good matching and are easy to be connected with other equipment in the production line and to realize automation. FTM dryers are easy to operate and convenient to maintain. The drying stove has no mechanical moving parts, so it doesn't need daily maintenance.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focused on improving and innovating drying technologies. It is one of the state-level manufacturing enterprises of drying machinery with powerful production capacity and optimal technical strength. Welcome to our company for visit and cooperate.

Production Line

  • Stone Crusher Plant
    Stone Crusher Plant
    Production Capacity: 50-800 t/h
    Raw Materials: hard limestone, granite, basalt, metallurgical slag
  • Sand Making Plant
    Sand Making Plant
    Production Capacity: 50-800 t/h
    Raw Materials: hard limestone, granite, basalt, metallurgical slag
  • Powder Making Plant
    Powder Making Plant
    Production Capacity: 50-800 t/h
    Raw Materials: fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramic, bauxite