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How to Distinguish the Superior Quartz Sand Dryer from the Interior One?

Date: 8/17/2016

Quartz sand dryer is dedicated to drying wet quartz sand, with features of good drying effect, high efficiency and low power consumption. By virtue of these advantages, China quartz sand dryer has been highly praised by the masses of customers at the market. Today I'm going to tell you how to distinguish the superior quartz sand dryer from the interior one.

Quartz Sand Dryer

When to buy quartz sand dryer machine we must be cautious and carefully observe the equipment from internal to external, in case of buying refurbished products by mistake. The cylinder of quartz sand dryer is welded by several pieces of steel plates whose hardness is from 12 mm to 15 mm. On both ends of the cylinder, there are welded with flanges, so as to connect with the steel-cast feeding end cover and discharging end cover. Inside the cylinder, there is equipped with replaceable lining board. In order to make the lining board closely contact with the cylinder's inner wall and buffer the impact of steel balls on the cylinder, between the lining board and the cylinder, there is coated with plywood.

In order to make it easier to replace the lining board and check the internal condition of the cylinder, on the cylinder there is opened with manholes. The manholes are generally rectangular, with a length of 350 mm to 550 mm, which is composed of joint feeder, fan-shaped plate, shaft neck inner sleeve and so on. The hollow shaft neck inner sleeve can prevent the feeding materials from wearing the inner surface of the shaft neck. There is a spiral on the inner surface of the inner sleeve, which is conductive to feeding. The feeding device is fixed on the end of the inner sleeve. The most commonly used feeding device is joint type feeder and then it is drum feeder and vortex type feeder.

On the aspect of quartz sand dryer, we should not only focus on its static characteristics of intensity and stiffness, but also pay attention to its dynamic behaviors of bending and torsion.

Production Line

  • Stone Crusher Plant
    Stone Crusher Plant
    Production Capacity: 50-800 t/h
    Raw Materials: hard limestone, granite, basalt, metallurgical slag
  • Sand Making Plant
    Sand Making Plant
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    Raw Materials: hard limestone, granite, basalt, metallurgical slag
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    Powder Making Plant
    Production Capacity: 50-800 t/h
    Raw Materials: fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramic, bauxite